Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Season of... Red, Green, Gold and White.

Hi everyone. I hope that you are all well and looking forward to the Christmas season.

The last couple of days have been mentally and emotionally challenging for me. So far the month of November seems to be the culmination for many spheres in my life. Tomorrow is my final exam for the year and I'm a little unsettled. But hopefully after I've revised my notes later and said a little prayer, I will feel more settled.

In the spirit of Christmas, I've decided to start a five-part series, called , "The season of...."

Today's post is all about the colours of Christmas. For me they are crimson, avocado green and metallic gold. Unfortunately I haven't experienced a white Christmas yet, which is one of the downfalls of living in Africa. However, as a child we took decorating the house for Christmas very seriously. I come from a big family, so it always involved lots of laughter, a few punches and plenty of smiles. This is my first Christmas, where I will have my own space to decorate. So, I promptly logged onto Pinterest to gather a few ideas.

I love pine cones and they have always been an integral part of Christmas for me. We used to spray paint them white or gold and make wreaths with pine branches, to decorate the dining room table. So I'm thinking of making a miniature one for my desk.

Fresh flowers are as good as a fresh coat of paint, when comes to brightening a room. Zimbabwe's Christmas flower is the poinsettia, which has vivid scarlet or pale custard petals and yellow stigmas. They are poisonous, so if you have young children or relatives its best to stick to St Joseph lilies.

I've already started buying a few little gold trinkets to hang around  my room from, Sassafras, which is a lovely boutique in Sam Levy's Village.

Last year, I spent Christmas in London. So I'm looking forward to spending it with my boyfriend by the lake, this year. What are your plans for Christmas?

Thank you, for reading.

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