Friday, 1 March 2013

Dear future readers

I apologise for the lack of quintessence pieces this month and my untimely disappearance from the blogsphere. I have embarked on a new adventure, which includes me learning a myriad of fascinating facts and the concept of evolution, themes of Biology and the effects drugs have on your nervous system ( which will come in handy everyday).

Now that I am enrolled in the tertiary education sector, I have a firmer belief in my ability to run a meaningful and successful blog. One that is unique-in the sense  that it integrates a love of the inner workings of the human body, our many  ways of decorating it and a spoonful of ...(add your favourite topic to talk/read/learn about here)... to keep things slightly off-kilter. I'm sure that I sound like the educational version of a parvenu, (which is exactly what I am).

So, without further a due, I bid thee fair well, until my next post (which will be in less than 20 hours). Expect the magnificent, if not otherworldly, that will make you see your surroundings (and possibly yourself, if you want to get really intellectual) in a jacaranda-toned light.

Thank you, for reading my post.

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