Tuesday, 15 January 2013

All the opulence that Hollywood has to offer.

The title of my post has been written with the best of intentions. The following pictures are meant to inspire you-get those creative juices flowing. I love the confidence of these ladies, whether young or old it is a timeless accessory.

Some of you may be reading this while seated in a train as it courses through the veins of the London underground, or from your dorm room, I am sitting in sunny Zimbabwe, Africa. The shopping experience here can be compared to...well about 5 stores each containing 5 identical items. Most of you have the choice of the very best of designer and high-street wear." Well, Cocoa" you are probably all muttering, "not all of us having bank accounts that satisfy our cravings for Zara, Topshop and D&G's latest collections." Well this is my answer: Charity shops + sales = a happy wardrobe. There are some amazing charity shops scattered around most cities. The best area's to try are just outside the neighbor-hoods of the rich and fabulous, because believe me the treasures you will find will make you feel rich and fabulous. However, that does mean that you have to be look for timeless pieces that can be slotted into any season, rather than on-the-trend pieces. Look for cuts, textures and that suit your frame, personality and pocket. 

For  readers living in Africa, flea markets and vintage shops are the way forward. You are bound to find something cheap and chic amongst the stalls. Doing the best with what God gave you, does not mean falling into a pit of  grey and black clothing. Nor does it mean you should look like you rolled out of bed and fell into a trash can. We all have something that makes a feel glamorous and  beautiful. So, why not wear that tartan skirt, black polo neck and lilac pearls tomorrow ( and yes that is what I wore this morning). 

You were not created to blend in.

Halle Berry, wearing Versace.

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