Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Cottage

Tucked away along a back road in the suburbs is whimsical place where waterfalls flow out of watering cans & splash into mosaic pools. Every now and again when I need to escape from everything or study without any distractions (other than generous portions of confectionery items served at timely intervals), I go to The Cottage. My absolute favourite dessert is their lemon meringue pie.Pure bliss. I recommend the experience as a preventative measure to anyone who may suffer a nervous or emotional breakdown in the near future.

You can find The Cottage at : 8 Coltman Rd, Mt Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe
Telephone: + 263 772 302633.

As always, I look forward to your comments. Thank you, for reading.


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A piece of metal.

Dear readers

For some reason my has been captured by rings and all they stand for. The circle being a symbol of eternity, the stones of something precious and the metal of...well hope.The reason your wedding finger was chosen to carry all of these incredible ideals is this: the vein that travels back up your left arm from the said finger, goes straight back to your heart. Beautiful.

And then of course there is the glamour, the ostentatious flaunting and the the pure love of adorning ones digits. I hope these pictures sufficiently capture a glimpse of what I am trying to convey.

The gunmetal butterfly ring & the pearl ring were gifts and the stacked gold ring was a spontaneous purchase from Honey  jewellery.

Thank you, for reading. 

Always Cocoa

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Cacti & Crystals.

 Dear readers.

I recently decided to unshackle the restraints that I have (unconsciously) put on my imagination & let my mind ponder everything and nothing at all. These photographs are a result of this experience. I found this enchanting, specimen growing, rather inconspicuously in a corner of my garden & the ring was a gift from my better-half. It was a remarkable coincidence that as I was examining my new companion, the light refracting off my ring caught my eye. The similar shapes of the ring's design and the cactus' white stumps, coupled with my entropy, made for something spectacular.

Thank you, for reading.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Stripe me down.

Picture courtesy of  Vogue Japan.

Whilst scanning through the Vogue Japan website, I was immediately enthralled by this picture, which is part of a piece called 'The Festival of Life'. Under the ever-formidable direction of Miss Dello Russo, the contrast, expression and bucolic atmosphere captured in this photograph is note-worthy. I especially enjoy the voluminous,. T. I've always been a little wary when it comes to wearing stripes, but after seeing this photo I have decided to through caution and my self-consciousness to the wind. Expect some interesting stripe-filled pictures soon.
Thank you, for reading. And please feel free to leave your comments (as long as they are of the savory kind).


Friday, 1 March 2013

Dear Ladies of the Sun.

                                                 Amber Rose for Mr Price collection.
                                                      1. T-shirt- R70
                                                      2. Luminous statement necklace - R80                                                              

Visualise this: Sitting on a carpet of grass, en capsuled by the scent of tuber roses, with an infinite stretch of sky above you and the rays of the African sun caressing your skin. That is exactly what I am doing, whilst wearing a vintage maxi dress, a wide, gold belt and toenails that have been painted every shade of happiness. In the southern hemisphere we have been blessed with an endless summer. OK, so I exaggerated a little. We actually have about seven months of summer, per year.

By the time, I post this article my skin will be burning. So with just days of this glorious season left, I suggest that you do something daring, outrageous and a little bit , to christen the end of trips to the lake and afternoons spent lying in fields of sunflowers (whilst listening to Lana Del Ray's "Summertime sadness").

 Look gorgeous and wear sunscreen.
Thank you, for reading.


Photo courtesy of Mr Price.

Dear future readers

I apologise for the lack of quintessence pieces this month and my untimely disappearance from the blogsphere. I have embarked on a new adventure, which includes me learning a myriad of fascinating facts and the concept of evolution, themes of Biology and the effects drugs have on your nervous system ( which will come in handy everyday).

Now that I am enrolled in the tertiary education sector, I have a firmer belief in my ability to run a meaningful and successful blog. One that is unique-in the sense  that it integrates a love of the inner workings of the human body, our many  ways of decorating it and a spoonful of ...(add your favourite topic to talk/read/learn about here)... to keep things slightly off-kilter. I'm sure that I sound like the educational version of a parvenu, (which is exactly what I am).

So, without further a due, I bid thee fair well, until my next post (which will be in less than 20 hours). Expect the magnificent, if not otherworldly, that will make you see your surroundings (and possibly yourself, if you want to get really intellectual) in a jacaranda-toned light.

Thank you, for reading my post.