Monday, 14 January 2013

A trip down the decadent lane of fashion.

Dress of the Year 2011: Alexander McQueen

Evening dresses from the 1920s

A little bit of fun.

1930s Silver metallic thread, Art Deco evening coat. Jean Lanvin
Dear Readers. Whilst traipsing around Bristol, we found ourselves at the Museum of Fashion. We subsequently spent an abnormal amount of time saturating our minds with fashion from the last 200 years. Glorious designs design filled the glass showcases and fueled my imagination (as sometimes I wonder if I was born in the right decade), which led to use trying on reconstructed corsets, crinolines and Victorian style dresses. To be honest, I don't know why corsets went out of fashion (other than obvious health reasons). Despite almost asphyxiating the satisfaction of the gorgeous, hourglass figure achieved is well worth a few blackouts. You would never have to worry about tummy rolls, love handles or the myriad of other bodily obsessions women fuss over. I had many sweet daydreams, involving the sumptuous coats and the glorious feeling that comes with knowing that your dress took 5 seamstresses, 157 hours to embroider. But enough of that, to find the museum find a tourist office, a particularly, well-dressed individual or google it. The Museum itself is set up beautifully, with stunning attire that flows from one era to the next. An audio guide adds intellectual tit-bits concerning the extravagance and It-girls of bygone decades. A must see for all  young aficionados.

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