Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Foot notes for heel junkies.

Salutations fellow heel aficionados!

I hope you've had a great week so far. I recently spent the night at my parents home in light of the elections and came across a few pairs of forgotten treasures. So after  breakfast in the gazebo, I decided to give them a breath of fresh air and share some essential tips  for all heel-wearers.

Steve Madden

New Look

New Look
1. After Lunch- always go shopping for shoes around mid-afternoon, because your feet expand as the  day progresses.

2. Posture- when wearing heels you should walk with your shoulders down and your abs in. A weak core means that you will find it harder to walk in heels. So if you can't maintain your posture or walk properly ( hitting the floor with the outer heel first, then pushing off the big toe), they're too high.

3. Support and Stretch- Arch support keeps your toes from scrunching, so try and use inserts as often as possible. Another important fact is that your Achilles tendon can get shorter if you wear heels everyday. So to relieve aches and strains : hold a towel around the ball of your foot, jut out your heel, and pull gently to stretch your tendon. Another trick, that can be done whilst lying down, is picking up pen and pencils with you toes.

Thank you, for  reading!

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