Monday, 8 April 2013

Dear Readers

 Over the Easter weekend, I traveled to Lake  Kariba. It is the closest thing land-locked Zimbabwe has to a sea and is a favourite holiday  destination for foreign and local travellers alike.We drove from the capital, Harare to Kariba which is roughly a four hour journey. Aerial travel is also possible, private plans land at Kariba Airport which is 30 minutes away from Carribea Bay and Marineland (the largest harbour in Kariba).

As soon as we arrived we unpacked our luggage and went in search  of our house-boat, the "African Queen". Over the next four days I found myself reveling in. I especially loved the fact that the most 'work' I had to do was to take out my camera and put on sunscreen ( I advise SPF 40/50). The crew consisted of  a chef, captain and a deck-hand. A great deal of fishing went on, which resulted in us eating or catch on the second day. Every night we docked at an island and eventually drifted to sleep with the night sounds of hippos, crickets and the lapping of water against the shore.

My partner in crime and I. (Me on the right.)

On our final day we walked across the dam wall. What made it so spectacular was that two of the six gates were open to release some of the water, due to the heavy rainfall.

The cost of hiring a houseboat (sleeps 15 and comes with a speedboat & fishing boat) is affordable, the locals are friendly, we got to swim in the center of the lake, had dinner on an island and we saw an abundance of  wildlife.
As well as a of beautiful memories.

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